Projects Portfolio

Loft 2 in Juffair:

Proposing Redecoration:


Aws had contributed in many projects throughout it's life. Until today aws had managed to increase it's projects masively. Some of the projects done by aws are:


This is a glimpse of our project for our client situated in Riffa. Above shows a 40-sq.m bedroom requiring an entertainment area, preserving the classic motif design and merging with the new technologies for the entertainment area.

Furnishing the 27 Story Building in Juffair with elegant and innovated Cupboard for residential units. 154 Cupboard Units crafted by our finest skilled workers.

Dream Tower 2 in Al-Seef Area:

From the captivating height of this Tower you’ll find our 119 Units Cupboard. Started fabrication on late months of 2010 and finished installing early 2011. Aws Design Furniture proven in conquering Bahrain with its nationwide projects.

Proposed Renovation and Decoration for Riffa Municipal Council: 

Proposed redecoration of new office furniture, curtain and wall paper.